Utah Family Voices

Utah Family Voices

about us

Utah Family Voices was started as a volunteer effort in 1993, in partnership with our National Family Voices network www.familyvoices.org, as a way of helping to advocate for and assist families in navigating and accessing health care and family support services that are family-centered and culturally appropriate for all children and youth with special needs.  Families of children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities (CYSHCN) are the center of any system of care and are the necessary voices to help ensure safety and wellness to not only survive but thrive in home and community settings.

Because the needs of CYSHCN are chronic and complex, parents and caregivers are often challenged with finding the resources to provide and finance services for their children.  A grant from the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau is currently funding Utah Family Voices to operate and sustain Utah’s Family-to-Family Health Information Center, housed under the Utah Parent Center to help address the various issues.  Through this project, Utah Family Voices assists families of CYSHCN and the professionals who work with them.  Utah Family Voices is staffed by parents of children with special needs who have experience and expertise in navigating the maze of services and programs.

How does Utah Family Voices help?

Utah Family Voices provides statewide assistance in a variety of ways to families of CYSHCN and their professional providers and partners.

  • Provide emotional and peer support through direct contact by phone, email and/or in person to families
  •  Assist with navigation of credible information and referrals so families can access the appropriate public and private resources and services.
  • Provide information and education so families can make informed decisions and advocate effectively for the needs of their child and family.
  • Present customized trainings and workshops for families and professionals on a variety of topics
  • Develop newsletters, fact sheets and website materials for families and professionals on relevant issues.
  • Provide information and training for families to develop or enhance their involvement and leadership opportunities in the system of care for children and youth with special health care needs and disabilities.
  • Maintain essential partnerships and actively collaborate on health care, disability, legislative, system and policy change issues at any local, state and national level that may impact the lives of children and youth with special needs and their families.
  • Provide information and training to professional partners and health care providers on family-centered care and family involvement.
  • Provide education about the benefits of a Medical Home
  • Statewide information and referral
  • System navigation for parent and professionals
  • Advocacy and support
  • Tools and guidance for life transitions
  • Family Leadership Development
  • Gather family stories to share with policy decision-makers
  • System and policy change, including legislative advocacy
  • Application assistance for Medicaid, CHIP, Medicaid Waivers, SSI, ACA, etc.
  • Special Needs funding consultation