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This 31-page transition notebook for teens has forms for information including emergency contacts, providers, personal and family history, insurance, appointments and medications.  The first page has a place to put your picture and the last few pages have a brief listing of suggested state (Oklahoma) and national resources.
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Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow (BLT)

The BLT Project provides resources that promote independent living, transition skills and healthy lifestyles and relationships of youth and young adults with developmental disabilities (or as one mom calls it, “differabilities”).  They have worked with young adult consultants who help link individuals/families with community resources and who are available to speak at meetings or events.  With the ending of the grant in September 2010, staff have changed duties to work with related programs.  They are available to help families and agencies connect with services that continue to serve young adults during the transition years.  Their website will continue to be maintained as long as possible.  On their website, you can find information such as the Leadership Toolkit, transition training on education, employment, healthy lifestyles, and being social, training for families and providers and future events.

Best Buddies in Utah Schools

Since 1995, Best Buddies High Schools has paired students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in one-on-one friendships with high school students.  In the past, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have not had the opportunity to have friends outside of their own special education classrooms.  By introducing Best Buddies into public and private high schools, participants are crossing the invisible line that too often separates those with disabilities from those without.

Best Buddies High Schools also offers students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills.  With the support of school faculty and Best Buddies staff, students lead and direct the chapters in their schools.

Best Buddies High Schools programs are found in the following Utah high schools: Bingham, Davis, Hunter, Kearns, Layton, Logan, Park City, Skyline, Viewmont, Weber and West.  For more information about Best Buddies High Schools in Utah, contact Best Buddies Utah.

In addition to the Best Buddies High School program, Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Utah State University and Weber State University also have Best Buddies programs.

Utah Independent Living Centers

The Utah Independent Living Center (UILC) is a non-residential facility that provides services which enhance the independence of people with disabilities.  Staff members who themselves have a disability play an important role in the delivery of independent living services which include peer support, independent living skills training, information and referral and advocacy, both individually and in the community.  In order to be eligible to receive UILC services, consumers must: 1) need UILC assistance in order to attain or maintain a higher level of independence than presently exists in their own lives, 2) cooperate with the UILC in obtaining assistance, and 3) there needs to be progress made in the UILC program.

  • Independent Living Skills Program provides services to people with disabilities needing to gain independence in their homes, families and communities.
  • Peer Support and Outreach Program provides outreach services and personal assistant liaison services to people increasing their participation in community life.
  • Deaf Independent Living Expansion Program assists people who are deaf or hard of hearing to achieve greater personal community independence.
  • Assistive Technology Program provides assistive technology related services to increase personal independence of people with disabilities including assisting consumers with accessing needed technology.
  • Education Enhancement Program assists students with disabilities ages 13 to 22 as they gain life skills for successful transitions from high school to adult services.
  • Nursing Home Transition Program provides services and networking to people living in nursing homes who want to move into the community.

Independent Living Centers can be found all across Utah.  To find the Center nearest you, contact the Utah Independent Living Center.